The week that feels like a year…

Our delivery date is postponed…again…

It seemed forever for the boat to be finished at the factory. That happened Christmas 2018. Then the big boat ride began. Originally, the delivery date to Florida was Feb 6, 2019. We were given a link that allowed us to see the ship’s current location but it seemed to only update when in port or near shore (we didn’t pay for the premium that would give real time positions). After Korea, we didn’t get an update until the ship approached the Panama Canal. At that point, the estimated arrival was Feb 8th.

Steve and I tried to plan our off times in order to be there for the offload but it was like trying to hit a constantly moving target. First he would be there, then me and now it’s back to him.

So now it’s two days away. I’ll let you know how it goes (with pictures) in the next update.

Sailing Always

The name…

This is our third sailing vessel named ALWAYS. The name comes from the movie with the same name. We have a special fondness for that movie because we saw it on our first date. It had flying; it was funny, romantic and sad but not so much so as to make a first date more awkward than it already is.

In the movie, the two lead characters make a toast:

Him-“To us!”


And that became our toast too, then a boat name that has described our lives together for the last 29 years.

Just in case you were wondering.

While we wait…

Loading in Vietnam

Our new boat is shrink wrapped and chugging around the ports of China as the container ship holding her makes its leisurely (to us) way across an ocean eventually to land in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have about 5 weeks until she arrives just in time for the Miami Boat Show. She will be displayed as part of our agreement when we purchased; the Seawind 1260 has been named Boat of the Year for her size by Cruising World so will likely be popular.

I’m afraid of all those people going on my boat.

I want to be the first to go below and check out all the spaces. I don’t want anything to get broken by looky-loo’s who have no intent on getting a cat or sailing or living aboard, who just touch buttons because they are there or think it’s ok for their kid to jump on the trampolines. I want the boat show to be over so I can wipe away all their prints and mark her as mine.

I’m waiting…but not patiently.