While we wait…

Loading in Vietnam

Our new boat is shrink wrapped and chugging around the ports of China as the container ship holding her makes its leisurely (to us) way across an ocean eventually to land in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We have about 5 weeks until she arrives just in time for the Miami Boat Show. She will be displayed as part of our agreement when we purchased; the Seawind 1260 has been named Boat of the Year for her size by Cruising World so will likely be popular.

I’m afraid of all those people going on my boat.

I want to be the first to go below and check out all the spaces. I don’t want anything to get broken by looky-loo’s who have no intent on getting a cat or sailing or living aboard, who just touch buttons because they are there or think it’s ok for their kid to jump on the trampolines. I want the boat show to be over so I can wipe away all their prints and mark her as mine.

I’m waiting…but not patiently.

About us…

Julie and Steve are the voices behind Sailing Always.  Combined, we have over 30 years of sailing experience and have owned our own boats since 1993.  Steve grew up sailing his dad’s boats on the west coast (CA and Mexico).  I grew up in the Midwest and came into sailing in the Navy as a member of the offshore racing team.  We have intwined our knowledge and hope to share it with our readers.  Thank you for being here!

We met in flight school and one of our early dates started with walking the local docks, discussing whether we could live on a boat as a couple. We could, and we did-along with a large dog and then brought 2 children into the world and onto a boat.

Previously, we have owned a Cal 34 while living in San Diego which was mostly a weekend cruiser but Steve and aforementioned large dog did live onboard briefly. Once we decided to expand our family, we moved onto a Mason 43 that we named Always. We lived aboard for 6 years, moved cross country twice, courtesy of the military, before finally selling her because Steve’s job was landlocked. We planted roots and allowed our kids to grow up in one location…on land.

Twelve years later, a family business trip/vacation took us to Australia where we bareboated the Whitsunday Islands on a Seawind Cat. Four years later, a Seawind 1160 became available on the west coast (US) and soon became the second Always. She was wonderful and we greatly enjoyed sailing to the Channel Islands.

Next month, we take possession of a new Seawind 1260 at the Miami Boat Show. We look forward to sharing “lessons learned” from both sailing and flying as we outfit our newest boat, Always.