Stepping Onboard for the First Time…

All the trappings of the Miami Boat Show were being disassembled, crated and prepped for removal. I’d arrived too late to be onboard for the demo sail so waited at Whiskey Joe’s for my broker to show me Always. As we maneuver through trucks, forklifts and people, I’m scanning the docks to find MY mast and MY boat and then, there she is, at the end of the dock.

She’s a beautiful boat….but…

She was just a boat. There were dirty rub marks on her side, little bits of construction detritus in cupboards and scattered remnants of bags and boxes left over from installation. She has all her equipment onboard and the mattresses and cushions are in place but she seemed an empty shell…

Then I realized she IS empty. She is waiting to be filled with our life and reflect our personalities, to reflect to others the values we have. She will begin to pick up our style as we bring our life onboard. She is the book binding that is waiting for our story to be written in her. I’m hoping it will be an interesting tale, one I’d like to read if I wasn’t one of the characters.

The next morning Always is being driven north to complete her commissioning. I arrived about an hour before the captain is due just so I can begin our introductions. I ensure there is oil in the engines, check belt tension and fuel levels; on the fore deck, I close and latch all the hatches, tuck the unused outboard fenders into the lazerette then begin wrapping up all the sheets, halyards and other lines correctly. When the Captain is ready, I step ashore and undo the lines. And then I see it! It’s just a quick flash of her name, but that’s when I see a glimpse of the boat she will become with us!

I think it’s going to be quite an adventure!

Lucky 13!

Yesterday our mast was rigged and our boat went on a demo sail with potential buyers onboard. Steve and I were not able to be there and our broker kindly sent a picture of the hoisted mainsail.

I was so pleasantly surprised!

The letters and numbers identify key information of the boat. SW1260 is for Seawind 1260 (12.60 meters-41 ft) and the last two numbers-13!-means we have the 13th hull in the line.

It’s no small thing that 13 was my lucky jersey number in high school. A series of events that I could not have anticipated began with playing soccer wearing lucky 13.

When soccer first came to my small MO town, girls were not allowed to play but there were coaches that encouraged little sisters to practice with their brothers’ teams. As a result, when the girls’ county league finally formed 3 years later, I was used to playing with faster, aggressive players. My family moved my senior year of high school and I was a “walk on” to the high school team, became team captain and was noticed by a university coach who was in the stands to see a player on the other team. She apparently was an unstoppable scoring right wing forward. I usually played left wing forward but due to injuries on my team had been pulled back to left wing fullback. She never got off a shot and I was recruited instead. I ended up going to that university, lettered as a freshman and with that included in my resume finally got into the Naval Academy.

…which led to sailing…which led to Steve…which led to this boat…

Lucky 13 indeed!

Always arrives

Steve was able to be nearby when she finally touched the ocean and caught this beautifully timed shot.

I’m still in St Croix and will not able to fly to Florida until Tues. I can barely wait to start making her uniquely ours.

She may not be prominently displayed at the Miami Boat Show but we think she may still be prepped and made available for some demo sails.

In two short (?!?) weeks, Steve and I will be moving onboard and beginning a new chapter in our story. We hope you continue along with us.


The week that feels like a year…

Our delivery date is postponed…again…

It seemed forever for the boat to be finished at the factory. That happened Christmas 2018. Then the big boat ride began. Originally, the delivery date to Florida was Feb 6, 2019. We were given a link that allowed us to see the ship’s current location but it seemed to only update when in port or near shore (we didn’t pay for the premium that would give real time positions). After Korea, we didn’t get an update until the ship approached the Panama Canal. At that point, the estimated arrival was Feb 8th.

Steve and I tried to plan our off times in order to be there for the offload but it was like trying to hit a constantly moving target. First he would be there, then me and now it’s back to him.

So now it’s two days away. I’ll let you know how it goes (with pictures) in the next update.

Sailing Always

The name…

This is our third sailing vessel named ALWAYS. The name comes from the movie with the same name. We have a special fondness for that movie because we saw it on our first date. It had flying; it was funny, romantic and sad but not so much so as to make a first date more awkward than it already is.

In the movie, the two lead characters make a toast:

Him-“To us!”


And that became our toast too, then a boat name that has described our lives together for the last 29 years.

Just in case you were wondering.