Lucky 13!

Yesterday our mast was rigged and our boat went on a demo sail with potential buyers onboard. Steve and I were not able to be there and our broker kindly sent a picture of the hoisted mainsail.

I was so pleasantly surprised!

The letters and numbers identify key information of the boat. SW1260 is for Seawind 1260 (12.60 meters-41 ft) and the last two numbers-13!-means we have the 13th hull in the line.

It’s no small thing that 13 was my lucky jersey number in high school. A series of events that I could not have anticipated began with playing soccer wearing lucky 13.

When soccer first came to my small MO town, girls were not allowed to play but there were coaches that encouraged little sisters to practice with their brothers’ teams. As a result, when the girls’ county league finally formed 3 years later, I was used to playing with faster, aggressive players. My family moved my senior year of high school and I was a “walk on” to the high school team, became team captain and was noticed by a university coach who was in the stands to see a player on the other team. She apparently was an unstoppable scoring right wing forward. I usually played left wing forward but due to injuries on my team had been pulled back to left wing fullback. She never got off a shot and I was recruited instead. I ended up going to that university, lettered as a freshman and with that included in my resume finally got into the Naval Academy.

…which led to sailing…which led to Steve…which led to this boat…

Lucky 13 indeed!

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